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one and a half
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and see what happens
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Let's try it
Can I create a thread by replying to my own post
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best Satoshi candidate so far – although I still suspect a group effort.
WARNING: This new run could be a bull trap!
One of my all-time favorites 🤣😜
Usage! like social media (Memo), tipping, texting, remittances to family / friends back home in poorer countries, charitable giving like EatBCH to feed the kids in Venezuela, etc.
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I've found that the best way to increase on-chain transactions these days is to disagree with someone on memo.
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because BTC is corrupt and therefore easily manipulated. So until BCH is fully independent of BTC, I wouldn't trust it as a store of value.
i ♥ memo. but i don't think that we should see BCH as a store of value until its velocity is independent of BTC
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It would still be a safer point to jump in... and stay in.