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556d · memo
Could we get the warm soft nice green color on and let the harsh eyetearing monstrousity orange be on the default double-chain version instead?
630d · Bitcoin Cash
quick note: Cash Accounts just entered beta - go test it at - public, decentralized, open aliasing system for all. :)
660d · Bitcoin Cash
Not to mention that a secret chain of 10 depth is an extreme risk financially, as the chain needs to have more than just 10 depth, it needs to have a higher cumulative PoW as well.
662d · memo
I tried to use The color is offputting. -.-
replied 662d
Clarification though, if you mean time that I am personally occupied and cannot do other things, it's close to zero. Tell the computer what to install, it does it for you.
replied 662d
Now that I'm used to it, I usually get it set up from scratch in less than a day. Upgrading weekly (in the background) usually takes about an hour.
replied 662d
First time I installed gentoo (and didn't know what I was doing), it took 3 days. I threw it out since it wasn't working. Second time took 2 days, and worked decently.
replied 664d
On my current install, with a modern browser and some tabs open for various pages (including youtube), my entire system (KDE, discord, network stuff, browser, music player) fit in 2GB.
replied 664d
Yes, all dependent libraries that are linked at compile-time has to be loaded to ram, regardless of if you use them or not, in order to use the application.
replied 665d
Dependency creep from supporting everything at compile-time. Sometimes I really wish people tried a minimal USE-flag install of gentoo to compare with. It's like night and day.
replied 666d
can you be certaint that those rules are actually applied on the network?

Just because a developer writes code, doesn't mean miners automatically validate using it.
replied 666d
The real deal is BCH isn't going away, If SV should gain traction, they will both be around. By definition, they are both considered Bitcoin.
replied 666d
one week before the hashwar started, nchain more than doubled their hash. Currently they are mining with less than half (1.3Ph/s), despite claiming they would exclusively mine for BSV.
replied 666d
I find the exact opposite to the be true.
667d · Bitcoin Cash
Why does it feel like this chat discussion here is >50% about SV these days? And why is it almost exclusively bashing BCH instead of being productive?
669d · memo
Then you clearly haven't seen what harm fake twitter accounts posting fake news endorsed by andreas antonopoulis or vitalik butering has managed to do to unsuspecting users.
669d · Bitcoin Cash
Hasn't the labor theory of value been debunked multiple times by now? It's a great signal, yes, but signals show peoples beliefs and people can be wrong.
replied 669d
Those 3% is roughtly 500PH/s. Accumulated PoW is roughly 800,000,000 PH ahead on the ABC side. You would need to sustain that edge consistently for about 20 days to catch up PoW.
669d · memo
Or, maybe you have seen it, and just don't deem it particulary important.
670d · memo
@memo I am working on implementing MIP-3 now, but feel that it should be possible to backdate either the MCR or the MCA; sometimes users test a new service, and only when they like it want to connect.
replied 670d
If chooses BSV, the protocol will still live on in BCH but under different management and hosted in a different domain. Work is already underway.
670d · memo
He doesn't, but this sets expectations and if as endorsment without consent, is a real problem for @memo
670d · memo
@memo is now being used as part of SV brand promotional material:
671d · Bitcoin Cash
They don't give or awards for masturbating the most. Craig can pay with himself all he wants. Won't change the fact that the community and industry has rejected his insane agenda.