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replied · 20d
Price decoupling, where BCH becomes less affected by/less dependant of BTC price fluctuations.
replied · 21d
So all this time you've been memo-ing off your own server? 😮
replied · 21d
Otherwise Trump will build a wall. On the blockchain. Or close every blockchain office until Buterin follows him on Twitter and Nakamoto surfaces. Or...
replied · 24d
The paper wallet? Vanity address created with Profanity, design adapted from ethereum &, then printed out, cut and fold myself. So, yeah, basically custom-made.
replied · 24d
The red envelope? Local bookstore. (LOL)
· 24d
Earlier today: my first time using cryptocurrency for a wedding gift. Hopefully, of many!

replied · 26d
Then go for it! Electron Cash is also my personal favourite!
· 26d
BTC just surpassed 10k. But why didn't BCH ride along? Perhaps with the next train?
replied · 26d
With BCH coming, I will even be a happier Brave user! You can be one too! That, on top of distraction-free browsing.
replied · 26d
Does not necessarily look pretty, but works great!
replied · 26d
In general, I think Electron Cash is the most developed and updated project on BCH wallet. However, it also appears they weigh developments and updates above visual design (UI/UX).
replied · 26d
LOL, I feel you!
replied · 27d
And apparently this now appears to be a scam.

A bitter pill to take for me, but I'm still in the game, and I hope a tad wiser.
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replied · 27d
Congrats, Georg!
· 28d
Proud to be part of 2018-Q2 in the chart.
replied · 28d
This suggestion is already implemented. Thank you, Memo!
This is just for kicks, but it does have its implications: memo.eth website, linked to as was, and of course, running on ETH. 😁😁😁
replied · 28d
Which is taken from:
Aaaand... to set @tracyspacy's suggestion from Memo Telegram Group in stone, I mean blockchain, the ability to mention a username using the '@' sign.
replied · 28d
Such as to thank StrungSafe for the tip -- thank you!

So I don't have to reply to myself, or "send" dust with message attached. And the reply would point to a specific action.