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Amaury might not be perfect, but you're completely off base to be calling him a toxic imbecile. What have you done for BCH development and community twatter?
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I will match the next $100 in BCH donations today for the SLP Hackathon https://slp.dev, hoping some interesting new ideas come from it.
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My friend just told me he's there. I asked him wtf he would hang with them. Told me they're not as toxic as on Twitter when in person... He's smart but I think he got duped somehow :/
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Developer Panel: How does Bitcoin Cash attract a larger developer community?

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Good to know, thanks!
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You can always drop it with https://github.com/gcash/bchd/blob/3ef1172ecbabb4131c5bb45dbcd9a6a714ee7d49/config.go#L179 if it hogs too much resources.
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I don't think you need it for bchwallet. It's only used by the searchrawtransactions RPC AFAIK which lets you query any address (as opposed to solely the addresses in your wallet).
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Sure and I hope I'll have time to write my own Memo client one day but in the meantime I think it really hinders adoption :(
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In my experience, the address index makes full sync significantly longer and takes up about 50 GB of extra data. I wouldn't recommend enabling it unless you actually need it.
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