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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the non agression principle.

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Memo still working after the fork?
Absolutely love Brave browser's idea to change the advertising model. Talk about disruptive technology! If you haven't claimed your tokens yet go here:
One issue we all can ALL agree on: End The Fed
Where do we get a invite code? I would participate but can’t create a user.
Officially deleted reddit from my life. That place has become a cesspool of GROUPTHINK and propaganda. Or was already bad before, but it’s out of control. So thankful for decentralized platforms like MEMO!
Yikes! Steemit has been down most the day today. Anyone know what's up?
Breaking: r/greatawakening banned on reddit. Not sure what to make of the info/misinfo people discussed there, but the censorship is real and should not be taken lightly. We need to adopt platforms like this one NOW.
An oldie but goodie. The Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto:
Who did you contact today to accept crypto? Try Apple:
Tetragrammaton - The Most Sacred Knowledge On Our Planet - Nassim Haremin
Life goal: I email 3-5 of my favorite online businesses per day, and ask them politely to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Send them here:
There is nothing to lose, only gain.
Remember inflation is the expansion of the money and credit supply. Destroyed purchasing power, and devaluation are only symptoms. The symptoms of inflation hurt the poor most. Stop inflation, stop hurting the poor.

We need an internet archive on the blockchain to preserve great artworks ASAP.
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Txstreet is so fun to watch this morning.
Is it still working? ;)