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Gregory Maxwell - BlockstreamCore dipshit - was caught using sockpuppets (again).

#CultOfCore #Bitcoin
Possible bug: there's no update on my feed since yesterday.
Highly important feature request: post tagging, like "NSFW" or "spoiler", these posts would require the user to click or tap to show the content
How do you know if Calvin is lying?

His lips are moving.
Suggestion: built in smiley (or emoji, whatever) selector
I'm leaving indefinitely.

I can't support a project which calls its early and main supporters "roaches" while signalling support for Bitcoin Statist Vision.

It is unacceptable and I can't support this project if the operators won't denounce the liar CSW and Calvin...and their shitcoin BSV.
The operators of memo liked a comment where a notorious BSV shill account called BCH'ers "roaches".
Purse on Twitter: "We strive to provide a safe, friendly experience for people new to crypto and experts alike. We do not consider BSV safe to run or recommend to our customers."

Bitcoin Statist Vision = Cancer
Bitconnect - The favorite cryptocurrency of the Chirstchurch mass murderer
I don't care what imaginary wizard you choose to believe in as long as you keep your delusions to yourself.

Some pretty significant online communities have been censored from mainstream sites. How does memo feel about trying to bring some of the communities here? some are highly NSFW / NSFL?
reddit banned /r/watchpeopledie

Anyone managed to download the Christchurch shooting footage before it was purged from clearnet?
another $BTC bagholder sponsored trip... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dying Light is one of the most epic co-op games. Can't wait for the new episode. :)

Who maintains
Thank you.

Real small blockers should be all over #BitcoinCash

BUG: Disabled chainsplit protection, but I still see BSV crap and my comments are visible on both chains (both icons are visible)