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Bitcoin Faucet
replied 882d
En Fri Mand
I think that ABC stands for Another Blockstream Company.
replied 884d
Not wanting to "please" any government, but not giving them any legal reason to be able to shut it down, while ABC are doing exactly that, giving them reason to shut it down.
"I take all of these slings and arrows gladly, so we can have sound money Bitcoin back." - Professor C.S.Wick
895d · memo
Memo plans to follow the procedure outlined by Money Button as best we can -
Introducing : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

922d · Goodbye Google
replied 938d
I mean, I thought the BCH community of all ppl would really like that one given what happened with blockstream. With Dash, no worry about 'where the money comes from'.
replied 938d
Will it be decentralized or under bitmain's call? Dash relies on *the network*, not on corporations. And Dash's funding source isn't centered in one place so many times apply and get $
replied 939d
changes that by themselves do nothing bad, but when combined with other innocent looking “refactoring” spells disaster?
replied 939d
In-Q-Tel. As the developer who found the bug pointed out: what better way to kill Bitcoin than introduce an inflation bug? And what better way to do than creating 2 different code
945d · Bitcoin Cash
955d · Bitcoin Cash
"... Nobody attacks what isn't dangerous. What's dangerous is P2P e-cash. We just proved we can scale 20x past BTC. So now the gloves are really off."
Interview with Dr Craig Wright - August 2018
replied 966d
BTW, Craig Wright Proves He Can Code By Copy-Pasting “Hello World” Program. AMAZING!
972d · US Politics/Trump
One way is to reupload it to imgur,
Roger Ver latest weekly show is up! Discussing @bitmains very bullish sign they are holding so much BCH. Challenging Charlie Lee to a debate and more!
replied 994d
I started on this weekend and am very excited to check this platform out. Been on Steemit but have recently learned the rich history of BTC vs. BCH. BCH is clearly the way
This is fucked. CEO of Blockstream, everybody.
997d · Bitcoin Cash
More proof that Bitcoin Core (BTC) is hijacked by Blockstream
En Fri Mand
replied 1021d
Corruption all around.
Fa Sol
1042d · crypto-monnaies
Dans quelques années, les modèles de gouvernance seront considérés comme des indicateurs du niveau d évolution des sociétés. La cryptomonnaie éliminera les régimes présidentiels.