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Crypto enthusiast. I see a big potential for Bitcoin Cash.

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replied · 16d
Me 😃
replied · 31d
That's the entire point :P
"10" in binary is 2 😄
replied · 63d
but the fees are still very high right?
· 67d
Bought 0.10 BCH @2,150 Php ($41.34)
Exchange rate: 1.0 BHC = $411.00
I hope I did a wise decision.
replied · 67d
You want to exchange 1000 sats to 0.1 usdh?
listed 10 TEST for 1,000 satoshis (100 each) · 68d

replied · 70d
i always end up using DDG when searching for anything controversial anyway🤷‍♀️
replied · 75d
Now I'm also buying BCH, if you want to sell. At the moment only for DKK and other cryptocurrencies. I expect more fiat currencies to come.
Name: 2019 06 03 MOTION OUTCOME.pdf
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replied · 77d
Cool :D and thanks! this is a very cool feature to have on Memo! :-)
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created 10 TEST tokens · 77d
Tone Vays represents the average #Coretard:
-Infinitely stupid
-Suffers from cognitive dissonance
-Hates logic & facts
-His arch enemy is reality
-His only shelter is the current #1 market position of the BTC shitcoin
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Welcome students, What shall we call our new SLP Bitcoin cash token?
replied · 101d
replied · 101d
So you don't want it dynamic?