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Crypto enthusiast. I see a big potential for Bitcoin Cash.

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Two days ago I managed to have a conversation with a guy in Hungarian. So proud! 😀😎💪
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Test BSV
bch price
What has made #EOS so popular already? right now 70 tx/s which I think is almost all the time.
Sorry guys but Nakamoto consensus doesn't work for Bitcoin Cash, since Bitcoin Cash ITSELF goes against this consensus. On BTC it would make sense.
My Fedora won't boot. Seems like a good opportunity to get a clean installation.
Ubuntu seems to be very stable nowadays.
Awesome! Now I can use memo again 😁
do you think btc will dump further?
btc hodlers panicking - fees rising.
A lot of people on the ABC side think Bitcoin is a failed project if CSW and Ayre get SV with hash power. Personally I'm on the ABC side, but I see Bitcoin as a very successful ......
Pop the champaign!!
It seems like almost any app/website on Bitcoin Cash got much faster after the stress test. Now they react instantly! Good idea to do this!
Right now my balance just shows 0. Anyone experiencing the same?
I don't understand why bit.tube made their own crypto instead of using an existing cryptocurrency like BCH. That would be much easier for both them and the users.
bch price
Someone knows places to spend #BCH in #Budapest, #Hungary?
Det er vildt som menneskers moral kan totalt forskrues blot ved at lære dem det i en tidlig nok alder.
"En krone betalt i skat er en krone betalt til samfundets fordærv" - Mogens Glistrup, 1971
what is this? :P
Anyone knows why on SimpleFX it says it costs more than 2 BCH to sell 0.01 USDTRY?