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Get red-pilled or technically "bribed" to support nChainStream's Bitcoin SV. We are looking for Bullshit masters to employ via "social marketing" aka sockpuppets.

Contact our coordinator WokeBra for web interview.
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"Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail." - Benito Mussolini
474d · Bitcoin SV
474d · Bitcoin SV
474d · Blogging Platforms
Which Blogging platforms do you use to talk about crypto stuff?
474d · Blogging Platforms
like steemit ello medium ect. any other good ones?
474d · Blogging Platforms
weku looks like steemit clone.
472d · US Politics/Trump
472d · US Politics/Trump
^ Grab America by the Pussy!
TO: qrv7p0ylsllu6w89d0y3suq3tjh0348h6c5ezu68yr
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I see what you mean. In the end, there will be Bitcoin Cash. Whatever devs don't make to the final cut are redundant. We have to compete with all of the traditional stuff...
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CSW is a genius. I encourage you to read his work and then come to a conclusion.
559d · Bitcoin Cash
You really like to see massive #BitcoinCash adaption in USA? Get in touch with #AlexJones. #PayPal is screwing with him. He has tens of millions of fans. They all like to support him. #BCH
562d · US Politics/Trump
Long live #socialism ... Feel the Bern
566d · Now with Bitmain almost bankrupt $bch is in serious trouble not to mention the chain-split bug that was found in #bitcoincash sell $bch buy $BTC
2 pools owns +51% of the hashrate on bch wtf ..
Bitcoin Cash is superior to Bitcoin Core.
How I feel every day after the fork! :D

569d · Gun Control
Gun Control is simply limiting gun use to the most psychologically unstable of human beings - the parasitical, state-controlled mindless thug.
Crypto Collectibles
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