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Next 10 years of Bitcoin, with Jeffrey Tucker, Chris Pacia, Vin Armani, Tone Vays, and Yury Polozov

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Let me know if you change your mind! :)
Happy Birthday Edward Snowden!
Weekly Crypto Recap: New Facebook coin, CSW contempt of court, and more!
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Neither does my channel, but I'd love any donations, Twatter! Please send to any of the addresses listed on my bitbacker page: Thank you!
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For sure, maybe I should do some follow up questions with him! Thanks for watching :)
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Old Finance vs New Finance: Interview with Bitpay
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Upgraded to friend status. #Winning
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New Facebook Coin: Why Govt wants it shut down

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aww twatter you're losing your touch. You didn't say whore once.
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Thanks so much for watching :)
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Seems pretty obvious! But sometimes it's important to point out the obvious, that's a good idea for a video

I wasn't sure whether it was going to hold long enough to make a big deal about, but it's been there for over 24 hours now... you know what that means...
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lolol yesssssss