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Separation of currency and state.

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639d · Hong Kong
The protests in Hong Kong have been interesting to watch. Will China order another massacre like Tiananmen Square? If they do though they wont be able to hide it.
716d · Tesla
It's not just the mining, but the use of what is mined.
replied 717d
Actually even when it is powered by coal it ends up being cleaner than gas. This is because only about 20% of the gas energy goes to move you, compared to 90% of energy in an EV.
replied 721d
Yes, and no. Technically they do not send those arned men arbitrarily. They write laws, some of which see you arrested are caught breaking.
replied 722d
No matter what, on every distribution curve half the people are dumber, and half are smarter. Since it's easier to target the lower half during a campaign that is who is targeted.
replied 722d
You keep trying, but we can still see through the fraud. Craig has not done anything to legitimise his claims. Every attempt so far is laughable.
722d · Bitcoin SV
Craig has yet to provide any evidence to back his claim that is not itself an obvious fraud.
replied 722d
I don't see what makes it immoral. I don't think you need to go quietly. Democracy may not be perfect, but it is the best system we have thought up so far.
replied 724d
One of many inadequate reasons. They didn't fake the Earth shot if you listen.
replied 725d
He has talked to a lot of intelligent people thanks to his podcast. He has learned a lot. After looking into a conspiracy theory critically you can see it unravel.
replied 728d
Yes, a metal can can easily pass through the Vann Allen belt. The charged particles are not xrays passing through materials.
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replied 731d
Nothig I said goes against what NASA says on the issue. It's simple enough to go through quickly. You would not want to establish an orbit inside of it though.
replied 731d
It changes the cranial structure. Nothing about those skeletons is unexplainable.
replied 733d
Strap a board to the head of a small child while the skull is still developing.
734d · Flat Earth
735d · Bitcoin Cash
Has anyone thought of the future development of quantum cryptography for BCH?
replied 735d
It's probably the same as your flat earth and other garbage videos. There is a lot of bullshit on either side with that topic.
replied 735d
Well you kind of did. Maybe you were just using the wrong terms. You can't debunk something exists cand call it fake and then admit it exists. Then again you are a flat earther, so...
replied 736d
By admitting there is a mental illness you are admitting it exists. Is that cognitive dissonance I smell?
replied 736d
Now it is a legal use. At least here in Canada it is.
737d · Tesla
Ghat was a pretty good lecture. It's pretty obvious that Tesla is far ahead of the competition.
738d · Flat Earth
Funny how the predictions in this topic keep failing, and yet they still pretend that their predictions were good