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BCH price
I thought the #1 place is South Africa.
BCH price
The problem with that chart is that it correlates BTC and BCH as a single entity long term. The day BTC will crash and burn because of its long term flawed security model it will drag BCH
Expose deranged liberals
Watch out for your ass
Aaaaand down we go!
LOL at these idiots waiting in line on the other side of the street!
Ask a deranged liberal
Trans Shock Canada Goes Off The Rails! HUGE Fines For Facts
There are 3 things in life you can be 100% sure: death, taxes and that 5G will give you cancer.
I mean seriously though, wtf is going on?
Its probably because the whole crypto market have turned bullish but BCH is less liquid so more volatile. Also BCH have the best future prospect so its attracting wise invertors.
I should definitely stop procrastinating and try this shit already.
Don't be so triggered by facts 😂
Bearish trend officially over, now it's up UP UPP!!!
They are a whole lot more alpha than you are. That's for sure.
Of course. LR is salty as fuck.
I also wonder how their are going to fail on this issue in a decade or two when they will become the majority.
I wonder how they are going to fail on this issue since Muslims man are very agressive alpha men in comparison to the rest of Europe willing to bend their ass to anything.