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It has been proposed and used as a symbol for hacking.
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How many satoshis would you tip on memo by default. Related discussion:
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I have never tipped before. 3 votes · 0 satoshis
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1000 5 votes · 1,000 satoshis
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Other amout. (Plz write down how many in message textarea) 2 votes · 1,337 satoshis
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My tipping satoshis varies each time. 2 votes · 0 satoshis


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.. doesn't seem that easy to attack. But if you have some paper that should a realistic attack please share a link.
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I don't think it's comparable to a VPS. Going through 5 VPSes you can be attacked by timing measurements. Having your wallet passively shuffle coins with thousands of other wallets ..
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But if they get false positives for thousands of people what's the value in seeing that the coins came out from someone? I'm not talking about privacy after a single cashshuffle.
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Well pipelining in CPUs can parallelize what can be parallelized by predicting/seeing data dependencies. And for multiple small programs, data dependencies probably more localized.
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I'm unsubbing from this topic cause BitcoinHoarder is just offtopic shitposting 24/7. We really need that block feature yesterday.
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Are you tired of all the SV drama on here and prefer to engage in productive discussion about any manner of possibilities that life holds?
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SV was so last month. Already over it. Who wants to build a seastead? 2 votes · 0 satoshis


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We really need that "block" functionality in Memo... Spam is getting out of hand.
563d · Bitcoin Cash
BU is a separate team and I think they have a good chunk of the nodes that run their client. No? And what mass censorship? I see SVs viewpoints everywhere just fine.
564d · Bitcoin Cash
cockblockstream can you please stop shitposting and answer me for a moment?
564d · Bitcoin Cash
Or is it about the ticker name?
564d · Bitcoin Cash
Is it hard for BSV users to understand that some of us that like BCH don't care if regulators won't like out coin etc?
564d · Bitcoin Cash
It's not hard for me to understand why some people prefer BSV. I have no idea why people like CSW but as far as the ideas of BSV go, it's a legit position even if I think it's inferior to BCH.
564d · Bitcoin Cash
I'm really not sure why we're fighting anymore about the two coins. We both got what we wanted, so what's the problem now?
564d · Bitcoin Cash
Yes I like their roadmap. Although I prefer BU when it comes to keeping better PR.
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My question is why do we call it "stake"? If it's based on the last N blocks, then it's PoW based, nobody is staking coins to get voting power like PoS implies. Or am I missing someth?
564d · Bitcoin Cash
How is Avalanche PoS? Why do people say it is?? Isn't it based on the last 100 mined blocks therefore an extension of PoW? What's the "stake" in Avalanche?
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Maybe HL3 will need a QC to run it. They always released every time with new tech.