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1) So what, you want to get rid of oil? Don't use oil then. 2) Species die out. Evolution gives, and evolution takes away. Its life.
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I want to keep POW for sure. But as a way to protect 0-conf, its a genius idea. We still need consensus for rules, and, part of the protocol in ava. depends on POW performed
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Try this on for size:
I am now optimistic of Avalanche.
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Also of course i support a block function, a mute function, and a simple dislike function. I would be disappointed however if we introduced censorship to memo. Lets not make it reddit
Imugr can be quite glitchy. I wonder if theres another way we can post images? Maybe something slightly more decentralized too, like IPFS image uploading? Can we do the same with videos?
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^ Android, mobile app
A bug i see quite often: Notifications can interrupt what you're doing and delete what you're writing. Very annoying if I'm in a convo. One time i had to write something 4x. On android mob
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And what have you invested so far besides other peoples money? Thoughts and prayers?
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Tbh its kinda funny, but i also think its kinda trashy
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Commies be like
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Why don't you research and implement it?
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Very interesting concept. I hope to see platforms that could potentially monetize vigilante justice of all flavors, perhaps this would make centralized law redundant. Its open-ended.
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I would love this feature. Please prioritize it ❤
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Currently Memo messages use a single transaction which has a limit. Eventually we plan to support multiple transactions for longer messages.
"When you're the first cop in the stack to conduct a red flag confiscation at a Vietnam Vet's house and you hear 'Fortunate Son' blasting from the inside"

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Yeah. Kinda weird to think that an average jo adult is just gonna magically understand what's best for everyone else, and be so justified as to kill them if they disagree
There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.