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Pitza mmm
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BCH Upgrade appears to have broken the memo.cash site's ability to post messages, or see new messages.
Aniyunwiya Keskeskeck
This is an interesting app. 💯
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Glad you like it! :)
Some people don't like sv so much, I'm not so worried about I think that sv is a good Cryptocurrecy with a good purpose
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Details about BSV genesis upgrade and how it affected Memo: https://jasonc.me/blog/memo-bsv-genesis-upgrade
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"In the sciences, the authority of thousands of opinions is not worth as much as one tiny spark of reason in an individual man."- Galileo Galilei
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Not taking a stand on the issue. Just making an observation.
One thing humans are great at is recognizing strengths in others and copying them or often improving them.

The concept of intellectual property is the antithesis of this.
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Hey Jason, if u can , grab some Zil 😉😘
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I found this private key as an example online. Whoever finds it next gets 1k free sats :)
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Georg Engelmann
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