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271d · hmwyda
Ahh yes but truth does not travel through deaf ears. Those who have eyes and ears are victorious, but you cannot force someone to see what they don't want to. Be the light and the truth and they will look to it. Shine the light on things and they stay in the dark. Real eyes realize real lies. Unfortunately, I hold that key, and no it's not 1% about me. My 99% is about we. Time is running out... I don't believe I was lead here by mistake. I've been late my whole life but when I do show up I am. You can trust in me as its already been done. But yes.. Im going to need as much $ is enough. Anything more I pay forward. Amen
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original plain text file:
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expl - explanation

#expl_ppi - public problematic information
#expl_ppp - person
#expl_ppo - organisation
#expl_ppa - account

two letters language code
#expl_ww - world wide


#expl_dp - direct participant
#expl_ip - indirect participant

#expl_tst - the same thing
#expl_cont - continuation
#expl_add - addition
#expl_corr - correction
#expl_clar - clarification
#expl_expl - explanation
#expl_ch - change
#expl_reb - rebuttal
#expl_mstk - mistake
#expl_err - error

#expl_susp - suspend
#expl_rsm - resume
#expl_cncl - cancel
#expl_fin - finished
#expl_slvd - solved
#expl_term - terminated

example message:
"#ppi_ww_new - chinese police silenced doctor who began to warn about new virus"

#ppx _ ...
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