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but this is a DEPRECATED respoitories. i did't find the new code respoitories. hmm, its a bad news.
good news, i have found the source code of maybe we can do some personalized development for post our list. its writen with golang. Fortunately, I have done the development of golang before. i am still learning the code structure. wait my good news.
I found two possible alternatives: is BCH-based, but it allows to post long text, it splits text into several transactions. is well known ETH wallet. It works in browser and allows to set arbitrary "data" field while sending transactions.
You can try them out and share your experience here.
how will we send lists using the ETH wallet? will it be a transaction to a specific address? how will agents read the lists and contact us?
Frankly, I didn't think much about how to organize posts, I reported just easy technical method.

It can be some "magick" address, or special googlable words (e.g. "hmwyda_eth_russia"), or you can try to find ETH text search engines (e.g. but it doesn't work very well).

The more important - you don't completely understand the idea. Agents do not contact to donors.
I have tested the method of sending messages using ethereum transactions using the example of my test transaction, I can report the following information:

1) To familiarize yourself with the text, you need to do the following on the transaction page “Click to see More” menu -> “Input Data:” - UTF-8 - here you can see the text that I previously prepared for “ Input Data ”in the sent transaction. I wanted to check text about 20,000 characters long (average size of wishlists on but sending 3168 characters cost me ~ 70 $. It will take about $ 440 to send 20,000 characters at current exchange rates.

2) For prepare the text, you must do the following:
On the website in the “Text (ASCII / ANSI)” field, enter your own text for the list, then copy the outgoing value from the “Hexadecimal” field and remo...
I tried to send the incoming date to the ETC network.
This is hundreds of times cheaper, 22 thousand characters (the length of the average post) they cost me less than 10 cents.
You can check the text
You need to decode hex to text and you will get a message. I think this is the best way of all wich presented.
We need to understand which address will be the !!!mother address in the ETC network and use this as an alternative.
The address consists of 0-9 and A-F characters, generating a beautiful address is a difficult task.
For example 0x547FaCE777777777777777777777777777777777
You don't need to generate address, you can just write any arbitrary address.
As I understand any hex string of 40 characters is valid ETH (and ETC) address -

And 547 satoshi minimum amount is only for BTC/BCH/BSV, but ETH/ETC allows to send zero amount (I suppose).
Try to send 0 ETC to 0x547FaCE777777777777777777777777777777777 - I think it should work.

And by the way - your message is not a text but binary data (I decoded here
Ok, finally, how to post to without using

I use Tor Browser and all my posts become unconfirmed - this is suspicious.
Here is a method for Tor Browser without using

1) Open simple text editor (e.g. Notepad) and copy-paste the following text (without lines ---):

(this is just slightly modified example from )

<script src='[email protected]/dist/filepay.min.js'></script>
const privateKey = "your_private_key_goes_here";
function make_post() {
if (! confirm("Send?")) {
feeb: 2,
data: ["0x6d0c", topic.value, text.value],
pay: { key: privateKey }
alert("just alert after send");

<input id=topic><br>
<textarea id=text></textarea><br>
<button onclick=make_post()>Send</button>
i found the status of "test3" still unconfirmed. is that normal?
Now you see by yourself that memo works strangely - now they are confirmed.

But the best way is to check directly in blockchain. For example, you can compare my profile here and in blockchain:


All methods summary:

Frontend looks good, but backend works unclear.

2) BSV directly via filepay script
Works clear, but BSV itself is not very stable.

BCH is active and stable, but is not very convenient.

4) myetherwallet ETC
Easy and cheap, but ETC is scandalous project and it's future is unclear.

5) Cardano metadata
I know nothing about Cardano, but at least it is number 4 in the most valuable currencies - - worth to try.

6) myetherwallet ETH
Expensive, but more reliable than all above.

7) BTC
How can Cryptofighters has no problem but you do? Can you code?
Мастер, мне жаль, что я не смог принять активное участие в обсуждении новой площадки для работы. Я очень надеялся, что не столкнусь с этим кошмаром, но, увы, теперь жизнь разделилась на «до и после» COVID-19.
Относительно альтернатив memo.
За пару дней до болезни просматривал разные варианты:
Способ 1. Самый простой, удобный, дешевый и анонимный.
Отправлять сообщения через myetherwallet ETC.
Способ 2. Создать топик #hmwyda на ресурсе, и в него дублировать ссылку на myetherwallet ETC. Ссылка длиной примерно в 98 символов
1 сообщение в – 198 символов. Как мы видим, этого более чем хватает.
И, дополнительно, это позволит фиксировать информацию в двух разных блокчейнах.

Дополнительная информация.
Чтобы оставаться максимально анонимным потребуется сделать всего несколько простых шагов. Прежде чем я их опишу, коротко распишу и...
Objectively - BSV was(is) under attack
Objectively - Memo is not open source
Subjectively - I had problems with Memo in Tor Browser

And BTW, if CryptoFights allows publishing long text then it can be one more alternative

I will monitor hashtag #hmwyda but on -
It is actually the same thing as, but truly open source, and allows to post long text (but formatting is horrible)
You don't understand i’m sure. Check yourself first is it possible to public something there. If it's unuseful, you don't need to write about it. If it is useful, you describe in detail what and how you can do there.
It’s bad idea to send stupid projects here just like that. I can send here a bunch of links to moronic projects. But I don't. Because they are moronic and uncomfortable. Stop waste people's time. Check everything yourself, and then make specific suggestions.
The problems are of your own making since the other projects have no problem!
How to save text to Cardano blockchain:

Create and top up wallet, and in the Settings change interface from Simple to Advanced.

Copy your text -> compress -> convert base64 to base64url -> then go to -> set checkbox "Add a note to the payment" -> type "#hmwyda wishlist" and paste your base64url string.
And send.


Features (or bugs): removes all non-latin characters and even "/" and "+" characters - that's why base64url is needed.
Minimum amount is 1 ada (approx 3 usd).

And base64url also removes "=" characters in the end, and in order to decompress you need to add "=" one by one until error disappears.

It looks ...
We knew big blocks where coming and did fuck all now are shit is fucked! loooooooool
Prediction markets can be considered as some sort of alternatives. This is absolutely different technology, but with similar results - motivating anonymous people to do something special.
Here are 3 projects which in theory may permit betting on delicate subjects:
1) - installable application
2) - web site
3) - web site (but you need to disable ad-blocker)

(for future exploration)
###Simple code for send tx on Ethereum Classic

Hello, here is my code for send wish list on the etc network. I found this code repository on github. and do some little change base on it.

git clone

you must have nodejs installed first, then run command:
cd sendetc
npm install

change your private key in file 'conf/settings.json'
write your msg in file 'conf/wishlist.txt'
change target address in file 'ethereum.js'

now, you can send your msg now.
for testnet, run command:
`node index.js send -t`
when command done, will show your tx hash, and then check your tx here:

for mainnet, run command:
`node index.js send`
when command done, will show your tx hash, and then check your tx here:

Some Hints:
1. for testnet you can claim some coi...
Hi! With the possible end of the memo, the question arises whether we should send lists to the ETH address or should we wait for the memo to restore. Will you check the ETH address?