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Hi! I'm a 22 year old Software Engineering Intern and Web Developer. I fully support the use of Bitcoin Cash as a global, decentralized currency for EVERYONE.

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How does your wife feel about that haha? If you can afford it, more power to you.
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The highest I've seen was 5 million satoshi I think? I believe it was @pewdiepie88 tipping a memo update post? I might be mistaken though.
Like this memo to participate in 100 000 sat giveaway. Winner announcing: 2018.06.28 21:00UTC (or later). f145d7c7c96c1bfddcec092f156da0839880306f98e2e03e5bbddb68ae402f78
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I don't think you could stay the obvious more than that @sup 😂
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Nice! Just downloaded 👍
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Hey, Thanks a Lot James! Those sats will go into this, and other tips. I appreciate it.
The last couple of days have been a challenge, but I am working hard on new designs. Lots of new stuff added, lots of new items coming. Really enjoy this. I think I need to do it more! http://www.bchbrand.com
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Your website is looking much better since the last time I checked. Keep up the great work mate.
Somebody slap me with some bitcoin cash. I’m satoshi poor.
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Do you mind BCH being called Bcash?

Yes, it's insulting.

The bcash name was invented and promoted by blockstream/core to intentionally distance BCH from the bitcoin name. But BCH is bitcoin.
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He's definitely lost a few marbles.
4-0 England in the first half! It's coming home boys.
How sad 😞 on a Saturday night I am in bed before 11. But still memoing, till my eyes start to squint 😎😂😵
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Just downloaded it, looks like a great app.
If you have an iPhone (I know most of you probably not) you should download the app. It is 1 guy and is working so hard and doing a fantastic job check it out BITWORTH
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I've done same thing before. Our fuck ups are forever stored on the blockchain 😂
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Haha thanks, I already do follow him! I probably wasn't very awake when I posted that, I just used the verify feature in memo++ (thanks @modulus) so that it won't happen again! 👍
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What are you spending your winnings on 😅
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Keep spreading the message about bitcoin cash far and wide Roger 👍
Here is a typical example of the nuanced arguments made against Bitcoin Cash.
Announcing GitCash, a full featured tipping platform for Github!


Read our official press release on Yours.org

1212d · Goodbye Twitter
Memo should make their own faucet completely funded by the users. I don't having a problem throwing down 1+ mil sat helping new users start with Memo.