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Monday Memo!

I hope you all spent this Easter well, and Happy Earth Day to the environmentalists among us. Nothing like making a gesture as small as planting a tree or two, not to mention walking instead of driving!
Happy Birthday, Memo!

Today's exactly one year since I've joined this platform, and I'm pleased to have done so. My experience here has confirmed that the pay-per-post model works, as it encourages creative content.
Monday Memo!

In general, don't hesitate to use libraries if they aid in writing a program. A good exception is when you're developing for particular environments where libraries are scarce or inferior.
I hope you enjoyed my April Fool's prank. Time for a regular Monday Memo. How about some programming-related ones?

The most overlooked step when writing a program is also the most important: identifying the problem.
██████ ████!

████ ██ ██ █████ ██████ ████.

██ ███ █████ ███████ ██ ██ █████ ███ ██...
Monday Memo!

When writing, it helps to have someone review your drafts so they can give you some constructive criticism. They might notice flaws you wouldn't spot on your own as a result of different perspectives.
Monday Memo (tip directed at freelance writing)!

Write about what interests you. If necessary, do some research so you're well-informed on your topic. Readers should be able to see how devoted you are to it.
Here's my second writing tip for this Monday Memo. This one applies particularly to academic writing.

Be concise. Don't write hundreds of words to express an idea if a dozen or so will do.
I'm considering making the theme of this month's Monday Memos about writing tips. That said, here's my first tip.

Know your audience. Whom you write for will significantly affect the tone and style of your piece.
Academic Monday Memo!

Take up a sport or two as a form of extracurricular activity. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, but rather something you find enjoyable. I personally enjoy hiking.
Academic Monday Memo!

Here's one related to study sessions. Don't do them all in one sitting, but rather find the most fitting period of time you can study uninterrupted and take a short break between each cycle.
Second academic Monday Memo!

If you have the time and strength, seek employment (doesn't have to be related to your field) while studying so you can gain work experience as well as financial independence.
How about some academic Monday Memos for a change, starting now?

If you plan on attending university, find a field that interests you and is sought after in the real world. Don't seek degrees just to pad your resume.
Monday Memo!

Make sure to maintain a healthy work-life balance and adapt it to your needs every now and then. Work is fine if you enjoy doing it, but as in all good things in life, you should practice moderation.
Monday Memo!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone! Take some time today to reflect on King's role in the civil rights movement and whether or not he'd be satisfied with his legacy, were he still alive today.
Here's my second Monday Memo!

If you appreciate a FOSS project, then contribute to it, even if it's a little time or money. Don't be put off from contributing because you think you need to be a programmer to do so.
Greetings! This is my very first Monday Memo, one of many more to come.

The Bitcoin network turned ten four days ago, so let's continue using and building on Bitcoin. Every transaction, every contribution matters!
Dear Memo users, let's welcome Naomi Brockwell to Memo!
If Croatia wins the World Cup Final, and I'm certain it will, then I'll give away some BCH (amount TBD) to a random Twitter follower. I'll write this here as irrefutable, immutable proof I made such a promise.
I'm glad to see the character limit's been increased to 220 after today's network upgrade. No longer will we be confined to 80 characters in order to express our thoughts.
Hello, World!

This is my first memo. May it be preserved for posterity!