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doesn't grind the whole thing to a halt
5. The funding can exist alongside other funding streams.
6. It's not permanent, nor does it need to be temporary
7. Fund can grow or shrink
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rewarded with shares in the fund
3. Members vote whether to accept projects
4. Members can cash in their shares anytime

### A Lot to Like

I like it for a number of reasons

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them. - **imaginary_username**

I agree on this point and if we look at who is really paying for this dev fund, it is holders. Holders will be paying both for miners and for developer
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corruption. I'd be more likely to support a proposal that specifies exactly which projects are to be supported and how the funds will be used in advance.
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I've no objection to a pull request though.
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Hmm, should be on the main site now too. What are you seeing there?
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Definitely check out the article mode on this one too -
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and currently has one moderator, me. Now all posts and users that your mods think are off-topic won't show up. Nice. And if your mod turns bad, you can choose another one. Everyone
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'base nightmode' - and the nightmode.css file just needs to contain the new/override rules.
This ensures that the nightmode will inherit any changes made to the base file, without
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That's great! It looks like it is working.
It acquires a lock on the db while processing history so you won't be able to run any queries on it until it is up to date - it'll take a few
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both on http
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signal that the truth is moving from the 'innovators' to the 'early adopters'.
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Hmm. Interesting.
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I'm saddened to hear that. Some of your feedback has been very helpful.
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Also time based top posts by day, week, month, year, all.
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So each token output ties up a utxo dust of 546 sats - if you send them to a burn address, it costs a fee and still ties up a dust utxo. If you recycle them, it just amalgamates the
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code, part of Definition 2 }

Third paragraph of definition 2.

_Compact style:_


Term 1
~ Definition 1

Term 2
~ Definition 2a
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Notification links have been updated to open posts in a modal now. This should make it easier to interact with them quickly.
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