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Whatever you say to yourself, it becomes your reality. Keep your thoughts under control, and life will begin to match them.

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Live, rejoice in the dawn-Drive away the shadow of sorrow! After all, there is nothing more beautiful than this day given by God.
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Parental home - the beginning of the beginning . You are a safe berth in my Life . Let your parents ' house Burn Bright in your windows for many years .
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A good evening starts with a good coffee ... or tea... or being at home, or a good person's smile. Let the evening be good for everyone !
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Feeling overwhelmed with chores and not enough time or energy. But i did have a mini dance party with my daughter. Thats productive right???! 😅
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Welcome newbs!! Follow me and Ill follow you back 💚
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It is nice that BSV has lifted a lot of the limits and you can write long posts. I am not sure what the current max OP_RETURN size is, but I'm guessing it is higher than 100k now. They also increased the mempool chain limit from 25 to 1,000 with plans to remove it entirely. It makes it easier to use and build on top of when you don't have to deal with these limits. Hopefully Memo SV will one day thrive again! This post is too large for any of the other Bitcoin forks :)
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The Bitcoin Bridge Ep1: Jack Liu

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This is my first Twetch! Excited to be here 🔥
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This is my first Twetch! Excited to be here 🔥
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There are moments in life when your eyes seem to blur, and you can pass by the most beautiful chance that fate gives you.The worst part is that you don't realize it,at least at the time
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13Ny5Kv13UHruxf7AdQdCiN5g5QLL8kHtk help me, and
you will become someone special...
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😊😊😊 block chain advertising
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Winter's tale blanket wrapped all around, The forest and the river, the yard and the house triumph in white splendor.
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Merry Christmas! I wish the Lord God to give your pure soul heavenly ease, strong faith in your boundless possibilities, unselfish kindness and a wonderful life.
Here is a miracle descended from heaven, Christmas is his name,
And, no one knows where, joy Is everywhere-here and there.
Let everything be clear in the family, the house will be glorious with warmth,
There will be prosperity and happiness in it. Merry Christmas!
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Friends .Let the year of the Bull bring only bright and joyful events, let it be filled with happiness and joyful laughter.
Let the Bull become your faithful companion for all these 12 months, attract good luck and scare away all your envious enemies, a Successful happy and productive Christmas .
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I'm not trying to fix the problem.
I correct my thoughts.
And then the problem fixes itself
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Good evening, to All who smiled at their relatives,to All who are ready to do business Or just chat with friends.
Let this evening be better than the previous one, Maybe it will give someone hope, Maybe it will fulfill any desire. Happiness, good luck, kindness and peace
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The most important thing is harmony in your soul, because it can create happiness out of nothing.
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it will simultaneously embolden the Far Right and enrage the Far Left, creating an even greater rift in our country, causing even more chaos & confusion. it's the perfect chess move.
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[shameless self plug] Get your NeuGold colloidal gold for your new golden era kingdom using BSV at! 😂 seriously though detox makes your brain work better which is great for intellect & creativity!