same best code written at night it's just physics look it up
Do I qualify as a twetch og yet?
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🚨🚨 Another winner! 🚨🚨

Still ~ $3.77 USD to earn at

1st - @204
2nd - @194
3rd - @225
4th - @473
5th - @2185

Follow them!

(Last announcement on 6th winner)
"The free are those who create, not those who copy, and the free are those who think, not those who obey. To teach is to teach to doubt."

-Eduardo Galeano
Most beautiful love instrumental ive ever heard

You're cool T38! I like you.
ok *now* we *code* :)
5th winner!


Congratz!!! 😎

~$3 left to win. Maybe more for the fun/challenge this time than for the prize. 😅
Israel Bombs Multiple Gaza Locations, US Drone Shot Down & Trump Doubles Down On "Disloyal" Claim
#Israel #Gaza #MQ9Drone #Yemen #KSA #Iran #Antisemitism #DonaldTrump #DualLoyalty #Iraq
I've decided to shut down this faucet. Thank you to everyone that participated. If a new faucet is set up in a new thread, I'll provide a link here. Happy Twetching 😎
Make it so. Give me tools I need to protect my interests.
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...more likely to have a post with spellin or grandma errors?
Then how would the others be 😂
listed 1,000 BRO for 10,000,000 satoshis (10,000 each) · 56m

*now* lets find our self again
"Sometimes I meet people and I wonder..... Was that the fastest spermatozoon?"

-Eduardo Galeano
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I am so grateful for Jesus Christ : [