Release Notes

Release 16: More OP_RETURN Data


  • Support for additional OP_RETURN protocols
    • Bitstagram / B protocol first
  • Browser wallet security improvements
  • Updated header with dropdowns on posts pages
  • Use icons in topics for likes and replies

Release 15: Faucet for New Users


  • Almost all actions free for unfunded accounts using a faucet
  • Updated welcome page for new users
  • Balance added in header
  • Improved split protection
  • Notifications for indirect thread replies

Release 14: Mobile App SV Support


  • Full support for Bitcoin SV in Android mobile app
  • Support for sending BCH and BSV in Android mobile app
  • Replies are no longer included in feed and ranked posts pages to help more threads get exposure
  • When viewing a user now the default tab is to view their posts
  • Added release notes page

Release 13: Launch Domain


Minor Release: Fix Polls and Add Android Banner


  • Fixed bug preventing creating new polls
  • Banner on Android web to get mobile app (also footer link)

Release 12: Big Memos


  • Memos up to 65kb in Memo SV (enable in settings)

Release 11: Mobile App


Release 10: Send Bitcoin


  • Send bitcoin to other users and external addresses!
  • SV block explorer links
  • Address and transaction explorer
  • Support for memos with separate inputs (common with Money Button)